I forgot to post a recent card.

I think it speaks for itself.

You know, OMG Facebook told me you were engaged. Congrats!

or OMG You got the job! Wohoo for awkward first day.

or OMG I'm so envious of your new Toms.
Really, its a card for many occasions.


Dear Weekend

I'm so glad you are here. And you brought pie.

You are the best.

Your Biggest Fan

P.S. The discovery of this made Friday just that much better.


I knew that hole punch would come in handy

A friend asked me to design a label for a fundraiser for her Young Life kids.

First of all, I love labels.

Second of all, I secretly love it when I can use my 2 inch hole punch. It's not every day I have a need for cut out circles.

With that said, its a good thing for Avery Labels that already have a preset 2 inch circle. After about 3 whole punches I'm over lining it up and making sure it fits.

Sorry hole punch, you go back in the drawer.

Thanks to my printer and the trusty hole punch, this design went from this

to this

And because three is my favorite number, you get to see this one too.


the Almost Farm

I believe it started with a garden. Lots of zucchini, kale, lettuce, and tomatoes. Oh and more zucchini.

Then some chickens came along. They were happy chickens that brought happy eggs for me.

I believe a few feeder pigs came in too. I didn't want to meet them because I didn't want to get attached.

Bees came in the mail, but a little to early. I'm still hoping for more bees because I do love honey! (Yes, bees are shipped via the US Postal Service!)

There are even goats.

Did I mention this is all within the city limits? It's about 20 minutes from my city block neighborhood. You could ride your bike to Stricklands, so I hear, from this place.

Somewhere between the garden and goats it was referred to as the Almost Farm.


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