Frenchie has a new home

Do you remember this little guy?

He was made for Norah, who is now here! Well, I really liked Frenchie and wanted to use him somewhere else, but what would I do with a sheep? Decorate the dogs bed with him? Probably not.

Well, my friend thought it would be a good idea to use him for my neighbors, who were having a baby as well! Genius! You have no idea how pumped I was when she gave me this suggestion. Ya, its a bit ridiculous, but that's me.

As of about 10 days ago, little Nick is here! He was early, which i just assumed never happened to first time moms, shows how much I know! When we heard he was here, I had not even start the project. Oops! So I went to work right away during the end of a sad Cavs game. I've come to the conclusion I am bad luck and should not watch, ever.

Anyways, Jared got to meet him first the other day. Not gonna lie, I was a little jealous :) However, the next day I was able to meet our newest neighbor and he is too cute.

We also gave him this:

Also, I feel as though you should know that our dog has a crush on their dog. It's pretty funny. Poor Ruby she just watches him all day through the window. Silly puppy.


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