Pretty in Pink

Here is a tip for throwing a surprise party.

Have the party 11 months late!

This weekend was a 50th surprise party, and I really enjoyed being a part of the celebration and scheming.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day.


I'll take that one in every color

I changed my shirt 4 times today.

I'm indecisive, to say the least.

This little problem show up when I'm designing something too. Take the logo for a new etsy shop, The Little Birch Tree, I sent the owner 4 options because I just can't decide!

It all started with the font. Oh, it always starts there. I wrote out The Little Birch Tree in all the fonts that seemed to fit the look we were going for or that I just liked, alot. Within minutes, I had 9 versions of The Little Birch Tree on my screen.

The owner wanted a script font that was all connected. No problem, right? There are tons like that. Fun fact though, when spelling birch in a script that is all connected that little r looks more like a t. Funny, but probably not that brand image she is going for. Wouldn't you be interested though in that etsy shop? Just a peak.

Anyways, I had to drop the script fonts, which was good because it narrowed down my list. I was down to about three fonts and couldn't decide. I think part of me actually liked one more than the others, but little pieces of me just loved the other two too much to decide.

So, I asked Jared.

Thankfully he is decsive. And! He even has reasons behind his decision not just because one font had this etsy shop's name written all over it.

Add a birch tree and the logo was in business.

One problem, I liked it in multiple colors. Crap, here we go again.

Do you see why I can't pick?

I love the first one, but it has green in it. So do I just love it for its green? The shirt I picked to wear today was green. Maybe its just my go to color.

Second one. Have I told you how much I love grey? Our kitchen cabinets are even grey.

Third one. Multiple shades of gray. This is really not looking good for me to decide.

Fourth one. Add a little texture to make it a little different. Oh and we're back to green.

Moral of the story: Rachel of The Little Birch Tree now has 4 logos to choose from. Decision pressure is off my back.


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