At least it's pretty

Because I'm not ready for fall.

I think I would be more ok with fall if winter didn't take over so much of both fall and spring. Coats, boots, gloves, scarves, snow shovels...they can all stay away, as far as I'm concerned.
Flip flops, tank tops, and humidity to keep my hair curly would be lovely thank you very much.

The apple cider is good this time of year though.
Perhaps I just need to get over this.

New cards will help :)


November will be here soon

There is something new on my fridge.

Whenever I am invited to something, I love putting the invite up on fridge. One, I can't tell you how forgetful I am and would feel pretty bad for missing someone's shower or worse yet a wedding! So up the invitation goes.

I was really happy to put this one up.

Plus it's cuter than pizza coupons or our calendar on the fridge that we haven't updated since June. But why start now?

Anyways, this invitation is the same couple here and the photo shoot here.


I think he's French

If only I could use sheep to decorate part of my house because I'm currently in love with this one.

You know its totally normal to have a baby like sheep all over your house even though you don't have kids.

Ok it's not.

Instead I have been thinking about what other print items I can use this little guy in. I mean there are plenty of print items I could put the baby sheep on, but I come back to the same problem...what would I do with it? Oh well, maybe this little guy will be used for someone else one day.

The last thing has absolutely nothing to do with design, but I'm painting the porch this weekend, well hopefully. I am so pumped. Hoping it goes well!


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