Little Birdie & Tandem Bike

2 new updates!

Well, one I told you in the last post about a little birdie that was to come next. The little birdie is here for the baby shower invites for little Norah.

Not gonna lie, if i ever have a girl, the poor thing will probably always have a bow or barrette in her hair. I mean I put one on a bird. Poor kid doesn't stand a chance. Hopefully she'll understand that one day you can't have a hair accessory match your outfit every single day. Then she'll probably move on to shoes...

2nd update is about my friends who are getting married. You know, the one with the tandem bike? (fyi, if anyone happens to know where to find a tandem bike cake topper, let me know so I can tell her!) Well! We took pictures for their invitations and just some other fun ones too. And by we, I mean my husband who is far better with the camera than me took the pictures. Each picture makes me so happy.

Anyways, here is one of my favorites....


Lyn the Turtle

One of my friends wants to use these colors for her wedding. Well I don't know about the tan. If everything could go her way, it would be a early fall wedding at sunset. When she told me the colors I about flipped I loved them so much. Then we both we realized we needed to move onto to a new topic to talk about. I like odd things, like color combinations. It's just not good to get me started.

Alright, so lately it seems that animals have been popping up in my designs by request. I'm calling this first one Lyn the Turtle. I don't know how Lyn will feel about me naming a turtle after her, but I think if you are going to have a turtle named after you it should be a cute one like this. :)

Stay tuned for pictures of the cards once the order arrives! Plus you might see a little birdie come this way :)


Next Step

I picked up my new software last night.

Happy Laurie.

Next step, websites.

But I'm leaving for vacation today and won't get to touch this new program for a week. Sad day. Then again, I'm going to spend the next few days sitting on the beach. Not a bad trade off.


Built for Two

My friends are getting married. I type that with a huge grin on my face. I couldn't be happier for these two. She's going to look stunning in the dress she showed me tonight. I can't wait to see the look on his face when he first sees her on that day. I'll probably cry at this one too.

We all met tonight to talk about the invitations. Hopefully my excitement over paper samples didn't overwhelm them. I think they'll still be my friends :)

Lots of ideas are spinning in my head of what to do. I want to make the invitations very them. Hopefully a tandem bike will make an appearance on the invite. One they like riding bikes together and two they ride the tandem bike together. So I just loved, loved, loved the idea of putting the tandem in the design.

Would you like to hear a funny story? Once they were riding their bikes into this cute little town around here. I think this may have been a few summers ago. Well, she slowed down to look at the wedding dress shop as you enter the town. Apparently he had no idea. He was a few blocks ahead of her before he looked back to see her gazing at the dress of her dreams. Personally, I don't know who wouldn't stop to look! I'm married and still look at the dresses as I drive by. Add in a few bridesmaid's dress and I wouldn't be surprised if accidents happen in front of the store ... Not that I've ever been close to that.


Time to work. Stay tuned to what comes of these fall invitations.


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