Lyn the Turtle

One of my friends wants to use these colors for her wedding. Well I don't know about the tan. If everything could go her way, it would be a early fall wedding at sunset. When she told me the colors I about flipped I loved them so much. Then we both we realized we needed to move onto to a new topic to talk about. I like odd things, like color combinations. It's just not good to get me started.

Alright, so lately it seems that animals have been popping up in my designs by request. I'm calling this first one Lyn the Turtle. I don't know how Lyn will feel about me naming a turtle after her, but I think if you are going to have a turtle named after you it should be a cute one like this. :)

Stay tuned for pictures of the cards once the order arrives! Plus you might see a little birdie come this way :)

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