What? You missed the the Bachelor last night because your tv was taken over by video games.  Oh wait.  That was just me.  

No worries dear internet because I have Meg, who is sometimes better than the real show.

You may not know Meg. Too bad. We are going to fix that.

Internet meet Meg.  

See, we have been friends since high school. Meg is perfect to go to a concert too. She always gets up front and she is a complete head taller than me. So I stand in front of her and she still has a front row view. Perfect if you ask me.  She is the friend who you go to the Backstreet Boys concert with in your personally designed tshirts. She may or may not have prayed the night before for a Backstreet Boys glow stick to complete her boy-band glow stick collection.  

She is also the kind of friend who comes over when your trying to figure out how to roast a 25 pound turkey.

Meg has an uncanny ability to win prizes from Pioneer Woman. This has resulted in 2 new boots I believe.

Anyways. Why am I telling you all of this? See I hear Meg's comments on life. But you miss out on our emails. It's really for the best.  Why would you want to hear about office life?

This year though, she is sharing her two cents to say the least about the Bachelor, the Biggest Loser, and American Idol. You may not be into these shows, but you should still check her blog out. I promise it will make you laugh as only Meg can.

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