So long for December

So it's been over a month since I have blogged anything. Oops.

I promise I have been busy.

I went to a wedding with friends. This is random, but I wore a dress that I picked up at Target in a last ditch effort because I wore the same dress to the past three weddings in a row and I needed a break. Being me, I just picked up a dress without trying it on because I generally know my size at Target. Perfect plan right? Merh. Wrong. It had this weird spanx like material underneath the dress. Way to high maintenance for me. Ironically I wished for my go to winter dress that I wore to the three previous weddings. This is why my husband will just shake his head at me.

Oh! These little guys were made earlier for another wedding in December.

Actually just the reception. Fun fact about this party, they were going to put the invitation design on the cake and the baker wouldn't do it because my image was copyrighted. I felt so special. If they would have called me up I totally would have gone for it!

We were supposed to go to Pennsylvania to visit grandparents for Christmas. Then it snowed a ton and we were snowed out. I say snowed out because Ohio had a yucky mess of slush, but where we wanted to be had a foot and a half over night. There went that trip. Soooo we painted the kitchen!

One of my helpers :)

Thank you ethereal mood.

There were a few Christmas cards that came out this year too. This one was my favorite. It was for my friend Meg. She fell in love with the song on the card by Alli Rogers. Well, so did I. It became my Christmas album that I listened to over and over and over to at work. Yep, I'm that person who can listen to the same 8 songs all day long.

Then there was this guy. I determined I like blue more for Christmas than reds and greens.

Lastly, we had this good looking fella. Last minute order that worked out perfectly.

There are more projects to come in January. For one of them, my clumsiness may come in handy because I need broken glass. We'll see how that works out.


  1. WOO I love my Christmas cards!! So glad to see the cabinets - kitchen looks terrrrrrific. Amazing what a change there was

  2. I LOVE the Kitchen!!! Great work!

  3. Thanks! We did paint the walls too, but I didn't get around to taking any pictures of that yet. Still more to be done!



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