It's a 3s World Out There

Did I ever tell you that Jared is a teacher? Well, he is. Glad we got that cleared up. Some of his coworkers are putting on this Poetry Cafe for their kids. They really are going all out. It's a special night, the kids are all dressing up, & Jared & I are taking pictures (reality, he's taking pictures because he is better at it than me, but I come along for support and to look cute, hopefully)

Anyways. He came home last night and asked that we design a little something for the event. I'm not sure if they will use it, but if I was a 5th grader I would be stoked about it.

So funny story. Adding the ripples to the cup was well an issue. We knew three would be the number of choice because it's my favorite number. That my friends is a for a whole different post that would include why I love having 3 ice cubes in my drink.

Back to the story. We spent awhile arranging the ripples trying to get it just right. I was happy with how it turned out. As i'm saving the design, I ask Jared if he's happy how it came out.


Never a good sign. Apparently he would rather have the diagonal ripple be up a little more, but he knew it would be too symmetrical and it would drive me nuts. He knows me so well! Everything inside of me would go crazy because it would be too lined up. Ah! Really, he should be glad. I mean whenever we go to hang pictures on the wall I can't have it exactly perfect. Slightly off is much better, thank you very much.


  1. 3 things:
    I knew Jared was an ed. major, but I had forgotten and I think that's totally cool. 5th grade, huh?

    I totally understand the "pause" problem. NEVER a good thing. Something must be wrong.

    I really like the design and can definitely understand how something seemingly simple can take so long. :)

  2. Oh Boy!! I lived with you for almost 3 years and I never knew you were so much like Nathan!! His nunber was 5...ice cubes included!!! Something about evens and odds for him. Luckily, he's started to calm down a bit, but Pizza Rolls are still an issue...if there is an odd number, i must eat one to make it even!! I sure do miss you guys!!

    PS I LOVE the design!!

  3. That is fantastic Lisa! I'm glad someone else understands that there should be a certain amount of ice cubes! You picked a good one.



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