Honest Beginnings

I once decided that I wanted to work at a place where I could bring my dog to work. Once I found that job, I was determined to get the dog. Well, turns out I went for the puppy first (I mean how could I say no when she tilt her head to the side and looked so cute?). But here's the thing, the work I like to do the most is at home designing cards, invitations, and stationary (and hopefully soon websites!). Big bonus, my puppy gets to stay with me! Granted, she is a 50 pound puppy, so please don't get any ideas of a lap dog sitting with me as I work.

What does any of this have to do with this blog. Well, I'll tell you. I wanted to have a place to put any new designs on display. From where I started a few years ago to where I am now has been such a change. I want to be able to look back and see what I did, why I liked something, and hopefully how I've grown. Please, feel free to comment on anything I post. I would love feedback. And if you want to know more about what I've made or how you can get something similar, shoot me an email.

To start off with, I wanted to leave the post with some design. I mean the blogs I like to read are generally the ones with pictures :) So here is one of my favorite designs - a Thank You Card.

This is one of my favorite cards because it reminds me of my roommate. See, the pattern at the top is based off of a picture I took of a gift she gave me. My hubby and I just spent this past weekend with her & her husband while we were in Michigan for a wedding. I love having friends that you haven't seen in awhile, but then it's like you pick up right where you left off. She is definitely one of those friends. Thanks for having us!

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