School Project

This August I want to work on a new line of cards. This idea came from three ladies who work at a local elementary school.

See this all started around Christmas last year. My hubby was finishing up his student teaching at a local school around here, which is close to my favorite Starbucks fyi. Granted, there is this one lady there who always messes up my drink, but it's still my favorite store. Anyways, back to the story. He wanted to get/do something for the secretaries in his building. They had been extremely helpful to him through out the semester and were always asking if the health issues I was having were getting any better. These three ladies really made him feel welcome and helped him out as the new guy in the building. Hubby had the idea of having me make each of them stationary as a thank you gift. I did not know any of them and only went off of his descriptions. Long story short, they were really thankful for his gift and loved the cards.

In fact, they loved them so much that they wanted me to sell them at the school. Now, that school will be starting up again, I want to come up with a line of blank cards to sell. My thoughts so far on the types of card would be Thank You, Congrats, Get Well, Hi, and Baby Cards. Not gonna lie though, I would love to make a card that was a, "I haven't talked to you in forever, but I'm really happy that ___________." Have you ever been looking for a card for someone but nothing really fits because you just don't know the person that well? Like, where am I going to find the card to send to a friend who just got engaged, but the only way I would have found out about it is facebook? I mean who sells a, "I stalked you on facebook and found out that _________, and I'm really happy for you." card?

Not gonna lie, that may be my next card.

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