So I work with a lady who likes to have me design things for her here and there. [Perfect!] Plus, her taste is super fun and her descriptions are easy to go off of.

Anyways, her latest request was an invitation for a little shin dig she was having for her sister, who was in town. The party is tonight and I thought I would share the invite with you all. Hopefully the rain held off for them tonight!

[fun fact]
This is my hubby's favorite so far. He thinks I should use a similar patter from the top, but on a black background to make it like a city sky line at night. Could be a fun project!

another [fun fact]
He also wanted this blog to be a funny-complain-about-your-husband kinda blog. Like don't you hate it when he leaves the toilet seat up and ... splash.

I think he still secretly hopes I'll work it in.

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  1. Laurie,

    Love the invite. I am sure there is nothing to complain about with jared. He is probably the perfect husband.




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